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Teach Creative Coding!

Creative Coding Through Games And Apps is a first semester introduction to computer science course built with Touch Develop! Includes day-by-day plans for implementing the curriculum as a 6, 9, 12, or 18-week instructor-led course.
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Touch Develop and the BBC micro:bit

The Touch Develop team is proud to be part of the BBC micro:bit project. The micro:bit is a small wearable and programmable mbed-based device that visibly features a 5x5 LED display, accelerometer, compass, buttons, I/O pins, Micro USB plug, Bluetooth Low Energy antenna, ARM Cortex-M0 processor, and battery plug.
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editing modes

From beginners to experts

From a Drag and Drop blocks to curly braces, our editor adapts to your skills and allows you to grow at your own pace. Touch Develop features 3 skill levels: beginner, code and expert that provide a seamless transition for learners. getting started


Program on any device

Touch Develop runs in Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Windows, Windows Phone, Mac OS, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Chromebook or Android. No installation required, it just works. try it out!

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Interactive tutorials

100%-guided tutorials for beginners. Create your first app in minutes with no human guidance even if you have never programmed before. take tutorial

The tutorials are easy to create by educators. Just create a script, and then describe what each line does! create tutorial

Hour of Code robot

Hour of Code™

Learn to code with our interactive tutorials. Take an Hour Of Code with Touch Develop! Start Hour Of Code™

The 'Hour of Code'™ is a nationwide initiative by Computer Science Education Week and to introduce millions of students to one hour of computer science and computer programming.

Share your code

Publishing a script (program) to Touch Develop cloud takes just two taps. Sharing a link to a user’s script (so that family and friends can run it) is just one more tap away. All scripts are published in source form and can be freely modified by other users, while retaining a link to the original work.

Expert mode.

Touch Develop’s editor can be operated with touch or keyboard. In the pro mode it provides intelligent code completion, copy&paste, refactorings (rename, extract function, parametrize, simplify by variable extraction, and many more), automatic replication of scripts on all user’s devices, source control with diffs and intelligent merging, a debugger, a profiler, script updates, and many more. Most of these are appropriately limited when in the block or classic mode.


Create real apps

Create a real Windows Store app in seconds with Windows App Studio. more

Want the full power and access to native device functionality? Export your scripts to Apache Cordova. more

Node.JS, npm, azure

Export to node.js

Easily export your scripts for execution in the cloud with node.js. Wrap any npm package. We are already building on express, restify, redis, loggly, raygun, kraken, and others. We also have Azure storage, service bus, event hub, search etc. more


Program "Things"!

Touch Develop lets you program embeded devices - be it Arduino, ARM embed boards, or node.js running on Raspberry Pi! more


Open Source on GitHub

You can fork it there, submit pull requests with bug-fixes or new features, submit and comment on issues in the bug-tracker, and check on latest activity.

About Touch Develop

Touch Develop has been under active development since 2009 at Microsoft Research in Redmond.

Embed Touch Develop scripts in your PowerPoint presentations using Office Mix. Create awesome Windows and Windows Phone apps using App Studio. Tutorials and documentation automatically translated courtesy to Microsoft Translator.