The official TouchDevelop community blog is hosted at
The blog is written by the team members and hopefully soon invited community members. All posts are written in TouchDevelop itself as documentation scripts and pulled by the cloud.

how to write a blog post?

All TouchDevelop blog posts are written as TouchDevelop scripts. This allows to create beautiful posts mixing code, images and videos.
  • create a new script
  • add #docs #blog hashtags to the description.
  • add this comment {parentTopic:blog}
  • don't forget fill the description: it will be used as a summary on the blog landing page
  • don't forget to finish your user profile: set a picture, web site and twitter handle if any.
When you are ready, publish your script and send us a message with your blog post script id. we will review it to see if can be posted on the main TouchDevelop blog.

previous blog

When TouchDevelop started, we used Nikolai Tillmann's blog on MSDN. You can find all the previous TouchDevelop entries under