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Welcome to TouchDevelop, a friendly mobile app creation environment. With TouchDevelop you can create apps on your mobile phone, tablet, and PC, and share the apps you create in the cloud.


  • Getting Started Learn more about TouchDevelop, and create your first app!
  • Language Reference Dig into the details of coding with TouchDevelop.
  • API Reference Explore the TouchDevelop API, and learn more about the services, types, and action types.
  • Tutorials Expand your knowledge with lots of great tutorials, from games to connected data sharing apps.
  • Social Coding Understand how to publish, share, merge your scripts with the TouchDevelop environment.
  • Advanced Topics Move beyond the basics and learn about testing, debugging, and more.
  • Teach Find out more about creating custom tutorials, and using TouchDevelop in the classroom.
  • Games Discover techniques for creating lots of different types of games.
  • FAQ Get answers to your questions with the TouchDevelop FAQ.
  • What's New Read our release notes for news on the latest features and fixes.
  • Blog subscribe and follow the TouchDevelop community blog

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