export to app

You can export your scripts as Windows apps, Windows Phone apps, Android apps, iPhone/iPad apps that can be published in the app stores of each platform like the Apple App Store or the Windows Store. You can also export to Azure web sites or Office Mix.

export to App Studio (Windows, Windows Phone)

Windows App Studio allows to export (some of) your script to Windows and Windows Phone through a web interface. However, some features such as network requests are not supported.
  • pros no tools installation, straightforward web site to publish script to Windows, Windows Phone
  • cons some features such as network requests not supported. Only Windows and Windows Phone supported.

export to Cordova app (iOS, Android, Windows)

Apache Cordova allows to build Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, and more platforms. It also provides access to the hundreds of Cordova plugins to create rich apps in TouchDevelop.
  • pros target all platforms supported by Apache Cordova, including iOS and Android.
  • cons requires running TouchDevelop locally and installing the Apache Cordova tools.

export to Azure Web Apps (Node.JS)

If you're not looking to create a client app, you can also convert a script into a node.js app running as Azure Web App. TouchDevelop also allows to use any npm packages after wrapping them into a script.

export to Raspberry PI (Node.JS)

You can export scripts to Node.JS and run them wherever Node.JS runs... including the Raspberry Pi 1 or 2!

export to web app or Office Mix

  • Export to Office Mix allows to create interactive apps that integrate in online Office Mix presentations.
  • HTML5 WebApp No need for walktrough, just hit the WebApp button and you are done!

where do I start?

  • open your script in the editor
  • tap on the script name (in the example below, my script)
  • go to the export section
  • select the export option