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getting started

TouchDevelop lets you create apps on all your devices. Let's get started!

interactive tutorials

Interactive tutorials let you learn at your own pace. We recommend starting out with one or more of these:
Try also
Browse many other interactive tutorials and courses. Learn how to build your own games, social apps, and more! Also, check out the book TouchDevelop - Programming on the Go. It's available as a free download!

if you have programming experience...

Traditional Languages

If you have experience with a traditional programming language such as Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, or C++:

Block Programming Environments

If you have experience with block programming environments such as Scratch, AppInventor, Snap! (BYOB),, Blockly, or other tools, let us show you how to transition from blocks to text.


Creative Coding Through Games And Apps is a semester-long Introduction to Computer Science course using Touch Develop.

inform and instruct

In addition to creating fun and useful apps, you can use TouchDevelop to create custom interactive tutorials to show users how to perform specific tasks. You can also create your own documentation topics to expand the TouchDevelop documentation!