TouchDevelop makes it fun to learn (and teach) programming skills. This section has lots of ideas for using TouchDevelop in the classroom.

resources for educators

  • Create Coding Through Games And Apps - semester long introduction to CS using TouchDevelop.
  • Hour Of Code - all the information to run an Hour Of Code with TouchDevelop
  • courses — choose from different curriculum to teach about mobile app and game creation
  • tutorials — step by step tutorials to build games and apps
  • docs — the built-in documentation
  • book — currently available for free online; systematic introduction to all basic concepts


create your own tutorials and docs

In addition to creating fun and useful apps, you can use TouchDevelop to create custom interactive tutorials to augment your curriculum. You can also create your own documentation topics adding to the TouchDevelop documentation. This benefits not only your class, but the entire TouchDevelop community!

manage your classroom

  • You can create groups and manage your classrooms through them. Groups have a message board and allow to easily collect homework from your students.
  • Use a label printer to easily get printed labels from student scripts

follow your students

As a teacher, consider subscribing to your students to see what they are publishing and if they are asking questions.


Visit the TouchDevelop teaching page at Microsoft Research for a list of how TouchDevelop has been used and is being used in classrooms.