Web app for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, Linux, Kindle, ...

The TouchDevelop Web App runs in most modern browsers.


For Android, you can download the TouchDevelop app for Android. This companion app allows you to receive notifications on your Android device.

Windows Phone

The TouchDevelop app for Windows Phone gives access to most sensors and data providers available on modern smartphones.

To interact with cloud services, TouchDevelop app v3.1 or better is required for Windows Phone 8 or better. Support for the Windows Phone app v2.11 for Windows Phone 7 has been phased out.

feature overview

Windows Phone 8 PC, Mac, Linux iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Android generated app generated app generated app
app v3.1 from
Windows Phone Store
Internet Explorer 10+, Safari 6+
Chrome 22+, Firefox 16+
Mobile Safari on iOS 6+
Chrome 18+
exported to
Windows Phone 8 Store
exported to
Windows 8 Store
exported to
Common Language
Script Execution
Script Editing
Offline support
log in with Microsoft,
Facebook, Google,
Yahoo Account
notifications email only email only *15
Cloud Data
Accelerometer *1 *2
Bluetooth *14
Calendar *14
Camera *3 *14
Contacts *6 ⊕*6 *14
Gyroscope *14
Media *5 *14
Microphone *14
Music+Sounds *9
NFC *14
Phone *13 *13 *13,*14 *13 *13
Radio *14
Orientation *7

✓) Fully supported, except otherwise noted.

⊕) Coming soon, or planned. Please drop us an email at if you are interested in a particular feature.

If a feature is neither supported nor planned, it is due to platform constraints that are out of our control.

*1) Works in Internet Explorer 11+ on Windows 8.1+ / Windows RT on devices with supported accelerometer. Otherwise, accelerometer is "emulated" by tracking mouse movements.

*2) Works starting with Android 4.3. In earlier versions, the accelerometer is simulated by tracking device orientation, resulting in an acceleration vector of a fixed magnitude.

*3) Camera works in Chrome.

*5) Media refers to access to songs, pictures stored on phone.

*6) Actual contact information is not available; a fixed set of dummy contacts is provided.

*7) Works in Internet Explorer 11+ on Windows 8.1+ / Windows RT on devices with supported accelerometer.

*9) Music+Sounds refers to the ability to play songs and sounds that have been obtained via art or are downloaded from the Internet.

*13) Requires a device with actual phone capabilities or Skype.

*14) Limited availability as a pre-release feature; requires WebAppBooster. Please drop us an email at if you are experiencing any issues .

*15) Requires the TouchDevelop app for Android.


TouchDevelop runs on all your mobile devices
You can configure in the script settings for which platform you want to develop; depending your choice, you can insert calls to APIs which are not available on the current device.

To set the target platform in the Web App or the TouchDevelop app v3.1 for Windows Phone 8, first select the script properties, and then tap on settings.

TouchDevelop runs on all your mobile devices
Select individual platform capabilities, or use the set to Windows 8 or set to Windows Phone buttons to select capabilities available on the Windows Phone, or for Windows Store apps.